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A list of our plugins made for the OpenOSRS client. They will automate tasks for you in game.

MK Arceuus Library
Automatically completes the arceuus library minigame.
MK Bank Skiller
Automatically trains skills at the bank.
MK Runecrafter
Automatically trains runecraft at high XP rate.
MK Karambwan Fisher
Automatically catches karambwans and banks them.
MK Trawler
Automatically plays the Fishing Trawler minigame for angler.
MK Minnows
Automatically catches minnows at the fishing guild.
MK Barbarian Fisher
Automatically 3T fishes leaping fish.
MK Miner
Automatically 3T mines granite or iron.
MK Teaks
Automatically 3T cuts teaks at various locations.
MK Charter Crafter
Automatically buys, converts, and blows glass at charter stores and hops.
MK Smither
Automatically smiths any item at the varrock anvil.
MK Hunter
Automatically trains hunter. Supports 3t chins.
MK Hide Tanner
Automatically tans hides at Al Kharid.
MK Tab Maker
Automatically makes b2p tabs at your POH and unnotes soft clay.
MK ChinBurst
Automatically bursts or chins mm2 and mm1 monkeys.
MK Prayer
Automatically trains prayer at POH & Wildy Chaos altar.
MK Construction
Automatically trains construction.
MK Thiever
Automatically trains thieving with blackjacking, pickpocketing, and stalls.
MK Shopper
Automatically buys and sells items from shops.
MK Nightmare Zone
Automatically trains in nightmare zone.
MK Aerial Fisher
Automatically trains fishing and hunter with aerial fishing.

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Setup instructions

  1. You will need a OpenOSRS/Runelite based client. Some suggestions are Storm, Skillbox, or Squire.
  2. Download the MK plugin loader here.
  3. Make sure your clients are closed, and add the loader to your external plugins folder (such as C:/Users/[name]/.openosrs/plugins/) folder by double clicking it or dragging it manually.
  4. Run the client. In the settings for MK Loader, paste your 16-character license key into the text box. Note: You can find your key on the home page here as well as time remaining. You can also get this information from our bot in the discord.
  5. After around 30 seconds, the plugins should show up in your plugins list. If not, restart your client. Note: If your key is entered already you don't need to enter it again when you restart.
  6. Enjoy the plugins!

Video instructions

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